Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fashion Craze 9.19.09 (Virgo Bash)

These are some photo's from "Fashion Craze" on September 19, 2009 we were Celebrating @pricelesstoni Birthday which is Toni aka Tdaddy.. Lol she is MJA Fashion, Inc Financial Director and shes is the coolest chick that you will meet. I will post some new updates soon!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No Secet Show case Indie Night.

Maytee bringing it back.
Lizelle with the finale walk!
Maytee with the Rainbow 2pc
Nicole with the all white C cut 1piece.

These exclusive pieces will be distributed on www.mjafashion.com on 10.13.09 at our launch !!!

More Pictures of Indie Night. Artist that Performed

Charles Reed performing live. "Jook" Feat. D-Shep and my favorite track "Distracted"
We have Ye'Cart repping that reggae flow mixed with some hip hop.
Charles Reed performing while showcasing "No Secret Swim wear" This is one of our signature models "Nicole M."
This is a backstage pictures of myself with O.Allen right before going on stage
Here is Ramzez killing it with "Pro-active and This is the life feat. Kirby Maurier"
Kirby Maurier by the step and repeat wall getting interviews by "Night Cap Miami"
Gary Adams.. if you dont know who he is I suggest you google
Phatz from ValHolla Ent. love this track "Celebration" Video premiering soon produced by MJA Fashion and ValHolla Ent.
Webbz from Currency Xchange dropping that "Gotta get it feat. Trey Songz" you will be hearing this track soon in your local clubs and radio stations, part of MJA movement.

Here are some pic of the artist that we had perform at this show. They are all very talented and made our 1st edition of Indie Night Great. Our next Indie Night will be in November.. Will you be attending, showcasing or performing???

Contact mjafashion@gmail.com for more information

Model/Designer/Intern Casting Call 9.13.09

Hello everyone well this blog post is to market our next casting which will be held @ The Newport Beach side Hotel 16701 Collins Ave. 33160. This will be on Sunday September 13, 2009 from 2-8PM. Information on the room that the casting will be conducted in will be at the hotel lobby. If you have any questions feel free to contact the email provided below.

Models will be for male and women 17-30 yrs old.
Ready to walk the runway
Swim Wear (women)
Com- Card/ Portfolio / Photo for reference

Collection Line Sheet

School & Major information
School ID


Our nxt event is on Saturday September 19, 2009 @ Kitchen 305 @ The Newport Beach side Hotel

Monday, August 10, 2009

Indie Night 8.8.09 Pictures *Models & Pretta Designs

Here are some images from the Models and Pretta Collection Designer Patricia. She designs the couture pieces and the hand bags that were used in this showcase. More pictures will be added soon.


This event was great, first of I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone that came out and supported the movement. We also need to give a big thanks to the Artist, Designers and Models that rocked the runway the way it was supposed to be. Everyone did a great job and we cant wait for the next Indie Night..coming to you Oct/November of 2009.
Have to give you the line up and next few post will be of some of the photos of the night. I will do them by sections and I don't have all of the pics yet. These pictures are presented to you by our very good friend. S.Louis Photography. If you need a crazy shoot you need to go to him, he's one of a kind.

Let me just give you the event details from beginning to end.
This was hosted by Randa... www.hiphopgossipbyranda.com

Ye'Cart (Blacksuit Management) (This artist opened up the show and blessed the stage the only way he knew how to.. and it was awesome, lots of energy and the track "Bounce it: is insane.

EJ Collection (this designer does custom pieces for both men and women. In this showcase we only presented the men transition collection for men and it was exclusive. The pieces that we chosen for this show made the runway shine)

Ramzez (Val Holla Ent) (He performed the "Pro-Active" track and than has Ms.Kirby Maurier bless the stage with his closing track "This is the Life" )

Kirby Maurier (Val Holla Ent) She gave the audience goosebumps with her vocals. His presence and swag on the stage was str8 Diva. She performed "Whateva' along with " Calling all Cars"

Pretta Designs ( This designer has a hand bag, accessories along with couture pieces all made in great leather)

Phatz (Val Holla Ent) "Celebration"Naked" along with "The Life" Feat. Gary Adams. This show was full of energy and he swag was through the roof.

Gary Adams "Who will I Choose" Feat. Trick Daddy and "Come get this Money" Feat Rick Ross

Train of Thought Clothing Showcase (They showcased men ready to wear apparel which you will be seeing soon in a news stand near you.)

Webbz (Currency Xchange) / Luxury Tax Clothing Showcase
"Gotta get it" Feat. Trey Songz, & "Clean"
L.Tax Showcase was for men ready to wear collection.

O.Allen (24 seven Hustla Ent)
"Girl I like" & "Shawty Got Swag' Feat Charles Reed

Charles Reed / No Secret Swimwear Showcase
"Jook wit me" & "Distracted"

Than the after party was at Kitchen 305... it was a classic night

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Music Joins Apparel Indie Night 8.8.09

This Event is going to be explosive, doors open at 10PM and the Indie Night Show starts at 11PM. The show will be held in the Tiffany Ballroom & the After party will be held @ Kitchen 305. Doors open at 10PM as well at Kitchen 305.
The Show will be hosted by Ms. Laeann and have a few guest appearance. 300 promotional gift bag giveaways.
$300 bottle special with your choice of any 2 bottle, YES ANY 2 BOTTLES OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!!
To RSVP contact Anais 786-282-1178.
Presale Tix Available Now.